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Denton was about to jump up to the fire escape when he heard a police officer behind him yell freeze. He turned around to face him.

"Anti-terrorist operations in progress. I am UNATCO agent JC Denton," he said and flashed his ID. "Get your man and surround the Hotel. Anyone except me trying to leave, shoot to kill. You might not get a second chance. And call the SWAT we will..."

"Who do you think you are giving orders to, "agent"? The days that UNATCO did whatever they wished are over." Officer Millan glared at Denton. Not too long ago UNATCO opened fire on a crowd of protesters here in New York, before he overthrew Page.

"US national security is threatened by a known terrorist. It's not only under my jurisdiction, but it's also my duty to act. Now stop protecting this criminal by wasting my time."

"I don't see why you don't make Hell's Kitchen your official HQ, so many times you have put it under U.N. jurisdiction.."

"What happened Sir?" asked a young cop behind the officer.

"Its Denton. He is in command of the block now."


"Yeah..." Both man looked at Denton with fear and disgust in their eyes. The lies of Walton Simons still burned in their minds. He was a dangerous criminal who assassinated political adversaries in cold blood and killed numerous innocent people when he blew up a whole building. Some of their colleagues have spent time on the hospital due to his liberal use of tranquilizer darts.

"Lets go and i'll give you his orders..."

Denton turned around and started climbing the fire escape.

"Hey. Agent. Do you want me to send some back up up there?"

He stopped climbing and looked back. Through his black glasses he looked the officer in the eyes.

"No. I'd rather not put your man in danger and I'm used to being on my own. Besides, I don't want to have to watch my back against potential backstabber's."

Denton found Jensen on the roof making adjustments on his augs. It didn't take him a second to get up and ready.

"Give up Jensen. You know you cant go anywhere."

"I don't need to go anywhere. My allies have plans and they can execute them without me. I only have to get rid of you," said Jensen and jumped at Denton with all the power his augmented legs could master and with armblades drown out.

Denton barely had time to jump aside and he pulled out the weapon that was the easiest to pull, his 10mm pistol, while he was 7 feet higher then Jensen. Not even a moment after he landed he saw Jensen charging again. Jensen tried to punch him in the neck with the blades. He barely dodged it and fired his pistol at Jensen's heart. But that didn't seem to slow him down. Denton jumped, but with the other hand Jensen grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground.

"What the matter Denton? Did you slip?" said Jensen as he was launching himself at him.

Denton fired his pistol at the augmented hand of Jensen. Some fingers stop responding.Those arms were not designed to take such powerful hits point blank  Denton fired some more shots to release the hold. The next thing he knew was that Jensen was on top of him and his fist was punching his face.

"Now you must die," said Jensen and in his voice he could discern determination and desperation.

Jensen grabbed both his hands. He knew that now he was fighting uphill. Jensen risked it all to try to force a close combat were he had a small advantage, and his gamble had succeeded. Denton was trying to find a way to get Jensen off him, not only for his life, but because the world could not afford to go through another civil war. Jensen did not try to force his way to his head or torso. Instead he was pushing his hands to the ground. Jensen was using his whole weight to support his move and that gave him an even bigger advantage, one that Denton had no hope of countering. His hands hit the floor hard.

"Boys should not play with guns. Now let it go." He hit his hands even harder.

Dentons pistol fell off his hand. Jensen hit his hand again with an even greater strength again and again. Dentons arms were failing him. Not because of the damage, the nanites could handle the repairs, but from exhaustion. Much of his arm was human and this part was starting to get really tired.  Then Jensen lifted his arms, took out his blades and stuck em on Dentons chest, missing the heart by inches. Denton realizing how close to death he was, he started punching Jensen with his weakened arms in the face, ruining his aim for dear life, blades penetrating his chest every few seconds. The nanites healed the damage and then a new wound again at the same spot. Denton was in agonizing pain. Jensen was pounding away like a jackhammer made for tearing up flesh. No ending was in sight. Denton stopped punching to let his arms rest for a bit. He had to regain some strength to push him away from him. He didn't have enough time, his bioelectrical energy was failing. Jensen felt that he was close to winning, he thought that Denton has given up.

"You're finished Denton," said and aimed for the head.

That second that took him to aim gave time to Denton to read his next move and his tilted his head. The armblade had gone through the floor and with the power of his blow, rocks came out of it. In a split second Denton knew what to do, he mastered all his strength and punched the side of Jensen's right arm. The blade, weak when hit on the side by such a high strength blow and because it was stuck on the floor, broke. Denton quickly took a rock from the smashed floor and he hit Jensen, who was not prepared. Blood and teeth came out of his mouth. The second hit knocked out his augmented eye and made him roll to the floor.

Both opponents stood up and weighted each other. Jensen looked at Denton who's upper body was a mass of blood and teared up body armor and clothes, some of them caught up on the regenerated wounds. In his hand there was still the rock that he used to hit him, dripping blood at the floor. His own bio-electrical energy was almost depleted from the constant pounding. And he only had one armblade left. But the boy looked weak. Only if he could be on top of him again, get a clear shot at his neck or brain..

Denton saw a barely wounded opponent, in contrast with the pool of his blood that was on that floor. While he was on the verge of collapsing from the exhaustion, every muscle in his body demanded some of the precious few litres of oxygen he had in him. Jensen on the other hand didn't saw any sign that he was tired or that he was about to stop in spite of his augmented eye that was out of the socket and only hold on by some wires. He was like an unstoppable machine, dedicated to kill him. His augmentations were almost out from then constant use of his regeneration augmentation. So he had to depend on his skill as a fighter. He didn't have time to load sabot slugs on his shotgun that could help pierce Jensens antiballistic augmentations, nor he could dodge him like he did when he got up there. Knowing that Jensen couldn't hurt him with firearms, at least until his energy level was completely depleted, he pulled out his Dragon's Tooth Sword. If Jensen dared, he was ready for another round of close combat.

Both of them locked eyes with their opponent. There was no need for words. Both of them wanted to end this quickly, both were fighting for their lives and their cause. But non of them made the first move. Jensen didn't know anything about that sword, but he didn't like the looks of it. Denton was barely holding on to consciousness and Jensen could overpower him easily at every physical activity.

And that weakness is what started the battle again. Denton made a move, as if he was about to faint, and that convinced Jensen that Denton didn't have the power to fight back. He launched himself at Denton, who had just enough power to use his sword. With a horizontal cut, he cut of Jensen right arm, his defense augmentation was not enough to stop the sword, that cut through them with ease. If Denton had enough power to use the sword he could probably cut through the rest of Jensen's body. Jensen's augmentations were not programed to transmit pain, so he stuck his blade at Dentons face from the side. But with only one eye it was quite hard to aim properly and he missed the brain. Dentons cheek's were pierced and his teeth and his jaw were broken. Jensen pulled his blade towards himself and now Denton didn't have any lips. He felt he was going to shock. He had just a few seconds before he passed out. With what strength he had left, he kicked Jensen on the groin and as Jensen backed a bit he sliced his head off. Then he collapsed. He was found unconscious 1 hour later when Special Unatco Unit arrived to see what has happened.

"You did good JC," said Morgan Everett with caring voice.
"Too bad i couldn't arrest the son of bitch. I would really like to find out who send him."
"Yes, well, you did your best. He was one of the best mechs out there. No one blames you for killing him."
"He just surprised me."
"The American Congress has just voted for one hundred billion dollars for further research for Nanoaugmentation Technology. Those money will go explicitly to upgrade your augmentation system as well as creating some new. You will work with some of the best scientists and you can ask them for exactly what you need."
"There is no need. He really just surprised me and i didn't have time to take out Dragon's Tooth from the beginning. Besides, intelligence indicates that there are no other mechs as experienced Jensen. Those money could be better used serving the people, we have too much infrastructure to restore."
"They are serving the people JC. We need to stay in power. If we lose our place again there will be chaos. And from what Jensen said his allies have plans. The technology to create mech augmentations is no secret. Helios made a report that someone unauthorized downloaded the schematics for the universal constructor, while you were on the operation table. We could have a mech agents, threatening to destroy the peace we are trying to create."

Denton stood there thinking what he just heard. He could feel the icy air of the Alps on every molecule of his body, except for the bottom half of his face, were now existed a mechanical prosthetic. Unconsciously he brought up his hand to touch it.
"Don't worry JC, just a temporary solution. As soon as the nanotube mold is complete, we can begin steam cell therapy, and you will get your own face back," said Everett with kind voice.
"It just feels wrong. I touch it and it just feels like dead skin. A few inches higher and I would be dead. It makes me uncomfortable."
"Lets go practice our meditation. Posthotel Achenkirch has a dedicated facility, the Zöhrerhaus, for that purpose. I rented it for 3 hours. You will find it quite different from what you are used by meditating near sea level. Much more refreshing and your uneasiness will disappear. Some books suggest it happens because we are closer to the great lightgiver, the sun, it is easier to dissolve into light."
The battle between the two protagonists continues at the top of Ton Hotel.

Everyone is free to use it and change it if you like as long as you include a link of the original at the end. But if used for commercial purposes, i would like to be asked first.
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MclaneJeremiah Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011
Incredibly well written story, but when you ask me, i suppose that Jensen should win. It's only my opinion, based on both games. Jensen seemed more powerful than Denton. Nevertheless amazing job!
DDentonas Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2011  Professional Writer
Thanks :D

Well endgame Denton is almost immortal. Nothing can bring him down, while Jensen has to stay in cover. A few seconds of sustained fire kills him. Also JC can run faster and without stopping.
MclaneJeremiah Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
Ahh, good old games. It's a shame they cannot be brought back. Everywhere you have "important decisions" and "action-packed warfare". Keep up the good work.
aurigale Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's good. It has a lot of potential. However there are some errors that should be addressed. When a character is speaking you don't need to put a full stop before 'said'. And speech should be put in quotation marks, E.g. You did good, JC. Said... Should be "you did good, JC", said...
DDentonas Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Professional Writer
Thanks, I'll try to correct it as soon as possible. :)
EricaLeeV Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice conclusion (or at least what I assume to be a conclusion due to the ending of the confrontation).

I quite like the violence and feel you handled it nicely...reminded me of the sophisticated brutality in Blade Runner and from what I heard there is a lot of violence to be done in the next Deus Ex game as well.

My excitement for that game is further encouraged thanks to you. C: Well done.
DDentonas Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Professional Writer
Thank you for the kind words and the support! :)
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