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Maniac shoots, kills and burns his 4 Augmented coworkers.

Terror striked last night at the Biofuel factory just outside of Oklahoma. Bob Survillan, a worker has committed a disgusting hate crime against four innocent augmented workers. While the poor workers were oiling their actuators, Survillan took out a pistol from his bag, and killed them. He then cut of their augmentations with a chainsaw and then emptied 2 barrels of ethanol fuel on each of them, tied them on the flag poles and set them on fire.

A big crowd swarmed because of the fire. Some of the areas purists gathered to cheer the death of the innocent workers. He was arrested an hour later at the crime scene without a fight while he was shouting insults at his dead victims. As the officers escorted him to the car the purists saluted him as a hero. "Its good to see someone is willing to fight for the purity of the race ma'am. If  man like him didn't fight the whole world is going to get filled with augmented freaks"

From the video we saw from the surveillance cameras Survillan attacked the unfortunate workers while they were in the rest room, drinking some soft drinks and oiling their actuators. Survillan entered the room and the conversations stopped. Without a word he pulled out his gun and killed all of the workers with a cold expression on his face. This expression didn't change even when he chopped them to pieces with the chainsaw.

There is a chilling change of conscience in the world. More and more people are willing to take extreme measures to express their views and more people seem to encourage this. With the technology giving more and more power to everyone, regardless of how they use it, our future looks scary. Does the world need an all powerful bogeyman spying on us, to protect us from those who would destroy us?

This was Anne Brown,North Park Press.
This is an article about the world of the game Deus Ex 3 based on a subliminal image of the trailer that says "We do not welcome augmented people here"

The article about the trial is here [link]

Everyone is free to use it and change it if you like as long as you include a link of the original at the end. But if used for commercial purposes, i would like to be asked first.
Zireael07 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is amazing!
DDentonas Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Professional Writer
Why, thank you kind lady!
Arcadia365 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
This is chilling because i could actually imagine this happening soon enough
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